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Release 6.42


These release notes contain information about enhancements and fixes to Aria Crescendo functionality.

Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers  

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher

Application Features  

Handling of "required either-or" fields in WSDL files (DEV-5879)

This feature adds an additional field type to WSDL files. The new field type, "document/literal_anno" adds a comment to fields that are designated as "either/or" in the Aria APIs.

In cases where either/or fields are present in the API, the corresponding field in the WSDL is designated as "document/literal_anno" and contains the comment, "Although this field is marked as optional, one of the following fields must be provided in the API: <field_name1>, <field_name2>."

Line Comments on Statements (DEV-5614)

This feature enables line comments from orders for child accounts to appear on a statement for the parent account.

Child order line comments appear on parent accounts when supported by the client's statement template using the replacement string insertGeneric91Text.

Process Refunds Through NETS (DEV-5407)

This feature enables payments collected through the NETS payment processor to be refunded. A new configuration setting allows you to enable this functionality.

Processing Refunds Through  NETS

Getting Here: Click Configuration > Payments > Enable Refund for NETS Payment

Click Enable Refund for NETS Payment and set it to True.


Note: The API portion of this change was implemented as part of Process Refunds Through NETS - API (DEV-5938).

Application Fixes   

  • No Validation Message was Displayed While Passing Mandatory/Default Supplemental Plans Added In The Plan Exclusion Group (TICKET-9890)
  • Child Account Failed Pending Invoice Approval (TICKET-9904)
  • Direct Post Configuration Parameter "Disable Payment Method on Failure" Did Not Appear on the Edit Configuration Page (TICKET-10032)
  • Received SQL Exception When Entering a Large Number in the Item Price, With Plan Option (TICKET-10057)
  • 'Recurring Arrears' Displayed in UI Drop-Down(TICKET-10058)
  • Deleting the Contract Completion Rollover Plan from Plans UI Did Not Remove Rollover Plans (TICKET-10119)
  • Table Column Headings Not Bolded (TICKET-10290)
  • Fix Vertical Spacing (TICKET-10291)
  • Fix Screen Resizing Errors (TICKET-10292)
  • Default Text In Input Field Did Not Disappear When Cursor Was In Field (TICKET-10293)
  • When User Removes All Plans in Table, the Header Should Disappear (TICKET-10326)
  • After Plan was Selected From Search, Auto-Suggest Drop-Down Did Not Reset (TICKET-10327)
  • Horizontal Spacing Between Input Field and Linked Text is Not Wide Enough (TICKET-10364)
  • Previously Created Virtual Time Error Was No Longer Functioning (TICKET-10378)
  • Proration Tax Credits were Calculated on the New Charge Amount Instead of the Service Credit Amount (TICKET-10388)
  • Account Number Was Not Created on Account Creation (TICKET-10487)
  • Rollover to a New Rate Schedule Pop Up Was Not Populating Properly (TICKET-10534)
  • Supplemental Plan Changes were Rolled Back on Collection Failure Regardless of the Param Value (TICKET-10540)
  • Balance Not Transferred to Top-Level Account (TICKET-10548)
  • When Changing the Dunning State from "None" to "In Progress", the Master Plan Status Changes to "Suspended" from "Terminated" (TICKET-10556)
  • Aria Nightly Batch Process Did Not Generate Monthly Recurring Invoice (TICKET-10559)
  • Default Supplemental Plan Was Not Removed when Assignment Scope was "De-assign Immediately With No Proration" (TICKET-10592)

API Features

Process Refunds Through NETS - API (DEV-5938)

This feature updates the issue_refund_to_acct_m API to add the following validation:

  • If Enable Refund for NETS Payment is set to True, process the refund.
  • If Enable Refund for NETS Payment is set to False, process the refund as a check refund.

API Fixes

  • Create_acct_complete_m Could Not Create Invoice when Coupon Was Passed During Child Account Creation (TICKET-10470)
  • Issue_refund_to_acct_m Unexpectedly Incorporating Previously Applied Service Tax Credit Invoice Line Item (TICKET-10512)
  • Get_acct_plan_history_m Response Array Returned Twice (TICKET-10519)
  • Update_acct_complete_m <Plan_Instance_Field_Directive> Not Available in the SOAP UI Request (TICKET-10558)
  • Update_acct_plan_status_m Not Working As Expected (TICKET-10609)
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