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Release 11.1


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher






Application Features

Support of Simple XSD Format (DEV-8324)

This enhancement implements support for simple XSD format for event notification payloads. Simple XSD format provides another option for clients when using Aria event notifications. Production and Stage Current links will not be functional until this release goes to Production.

Note: If you are unsure of your version, please contact your Customer Service Representative

Account and Master Plan Instances Class XSD Files

Below are the Stage Future, as well as the Production and Stage Current XSD files.

Versions Stage Future Production and Stage Current

Order Class XSD Files

Below are the Stage Future, as well as the Production and Stage Current XSD files.

Stage Future Production and Stage Current

Financial Transaction Class XSD and DTD Files

Below are the Stage Future, as well as the Production and Stage Current XSD files.

Stage Future Production and Stage Current

Account and Master Plan Instances Notification Class XSD Files

Below are the Stage Future, as well as the Production and Stage Current XSD files.

Stage Future Production and Stage Current

Application Fixes

  • Plans list page misalignment corrected (TICKET-10266)
  • Account and MPI Notifications were creating issues (TICKET-13091)
  • All fields in details tab were not disabled & Product fields tab were displayed for generic/global usage types even when user edit access was true (TICKET-13517)
  • Account/Billing/Statement Contact: Locality value was not saving (TICKET-14177)
  • Undefined error was generated when trying to add a new master plan to an account (TICKET-14260)
  • Create order in child account did not occur due to collection failure (TICKET-14299)
  • Adding new plan on account was generating an error (TICKET-14328)
  • Error was occurring while saving PO number  (TICKET-14432)
  • Master plan was not invoiced immediately when assigning the master and supplemental plan using the update_acct_plan_multi_m with single request (TICKET-14454)
  • Product fields were incorrectly updating when creating usage with product fields in API Live (TICKET-14506)
  • Role security was not working correctly in Products / Services. (TICKET-14509)
  • Changing plan status from pending-activation to active was not generating a prorated charge (TICKET-14614)
  • Error was thrown when assigning supplemental plan with alternate proration start date (TICKET-14656)
  • Editing plan Instance did not select the Plan Instance field value (TICKET-14658)
  • Paymentech Account Updater was not supporting the session_id (TICKET-14681)
  • Stub loop mailer.prn_child_mpi_txn_full; was not displaying tax lines correctly (TICKET-14706)
  • Unable to create single invoice with order and plan instance changes (TICKET-14727)
  • Service Locations page was taking too long to load the page with 1 record (TICKET-14795)
  • Tax_server.pl execution was halting when packet size was detected as zero (TICKET-14802)

API Fixes

  • Oracle error was displayed while passing CDI in surcharge field (TICKET-12930)
  • Get_payment_details_m output was different between SOAP and REST (TICKET-13223)
  • Unable to create a Discount Rule with empty currency and <flat_percent_ind> as P (TICKET-13394)
  • Update_service_location_status_m was deleting service location mapped to account (TICKET-13697)
  • ORA error was generated when <option_value_order> was passed that was greater than <option_value> (TICKET-14210)
  • Get_client_plan_services_m did not return rate information (TICKET-14256)
  • Modify_acct_plan_unit_instances_m was allowing update to negative plan units (TICKET-14285)
  • Create_item_class API's were not generating error message for invalid class  (TICKET-14395)
  • Multiple issues were occurring in surcharges when <do_write> set to false (TICKET-14425)
  • Null response was received when mandatory fields were not passed in delete_payment_terms_m (TICKET-14486)
  • Multiple issues corrected in create_reason_code_m API (TICKET-14510)
  • List_coa_m  API returned response as "error code 1010" (TICKET-14511)
  • Incorrect surcharge rate tier was updating for create_surcharge_m (TICKET-14515)
  • <Surcharge_type_cd> was incorrect for "Standard percentage" and "Volume percentage (Volume Discount)" (TICKET-14516)
  • Multiple issues in get_discount_bundle_details_m (TICKET-14569)
  • ORA error was generated when string was passed in <bundle_no> array in delete_bundles_m (TICKET-14573)
  • <Apply_to_zero_invoice_ind> field was not working in create_surcharge_m (TICKET-14577)
  • Multiple issues in create_credit_template_m (TICKET-14578)
  • Code 0 with error message was generated in create_plan_m (TICKET-14598)
  • Response was not received when passing query_string as method = credit card via get_payment_details_m (TICKET-14607)
  • Issues were occurring for update_coupon_m in API live (TICKET-14673)
  • Get_acct_surcharges_m returned surcharge details for surcharges with different currencies than the account, and was missing the <client_surcharge_id> (TICKET-14695)
  • Get_acct_plans_all_m returned monthly fee rounded up without decimal values (TICKET-14709)
  • Update_acct_plan_multi_m response value for <proration_credit_amount> was incorrect (TICKET-14724)
  • Gen_invoice_m field interaction was not working properly (TICKET-14926)
  • Create_surcharge_m input parameter <surcharge_type_cd> value descriptions were wrong (TICKET-14989)
  • Errors corrected on create_supp_obj_field_m API (TICKET-14991)
  • Create_order_m missing required fields * for account no and units (TICKET-15017)

WSDL File Locations 

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.1/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.1/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.1/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.1/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.1/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
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