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Release 11.2


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Production Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher





Application Fixes

  • Default for payment method removal dropdown did not include all payment terms and payment methods, such as other/none (TICKET-13655)
  • Contracts were incompatible with plans with custom rates (TICKET-13991)
  • Collection group was not saved when account was created (TICKET-14184)
  • Payment level surcharge was not applied properly (TICKET-14272)
  • Billing manager process (batch job 23) was not writing a log entry when multi-threaded (TICKET-14300)
  • Locality field was not hidden for countries US, CA and AU in the account creation user interface screen (TICKET-14678)
  • Financial Transaction had a case issue for the XSD vs XML (TICKET-14687)
  • Invoices with a zero balance were generated after contract roll over for an account with a retroactive start date (TICKET-14691)
  • Error generated when sorting Reason Codes by Type (TICKET-14707)
  • Disabling "void payment" was not working correctly (TICKET-14778)
  • Invalid advanced period was updated in the prorated invoice in future plan changes (TICKET-14826)
  • Assign surcharges was making rate schedules available for assignments that did not match the account's currency (TICKET-14848)
  • Editing the 'External Description' of a surcharge removed the Tax Group, Revenue Account GL Code, and Account Receivable GL Code of that surcharge (TICKET-14867)
  • Specified Plan/Service Charges in Surcharge was generating an error when editing a surcharge (TICKET-14881)
  • Token Expiration was disappearing when refreshing (TICKET-14893)
  • Rollover contracts transitioning from one rate schedule to the other were not executing successfully (TICKET-14898)
  • Unable to add Supplemental Plan with Alternate Proration Start Date (TICKET-14960)
  • Invoicer batch was failing without continuing to process next accounts (TICKET-15331)

API Fixes

  • Action detail was updated as blank when user queues a rate schedule change on an anniversary date using the client_alt_rate_schedule_id field in update_acct_plan_m  (TICKET-12830)
  • Multiple issues corrected in create_discount_bundle_m (TICKET-14560)
  • Incorrect start date and end date were displayed in get_invoice_details_m response when an invoice was generated for a second month (TICKET-14657)
  • An error message was thrown when assigning a plan with a new billing group with existing primary payment and new backup payment method via update_acct_plan_multi_m (TICKET-14669)
  • Issues corrected in edit_surcharge_m (TICKET-14677)
  • Create_coupon_m and update_coupon_m were generating error message "Discount Information is required" (TICKET-14679)
  • Update_acct_plan_m and replace_acct_plan_m generated an unexpected error when both APIs were twice executed in the same session (TICKET-14690)
  • Client_service_id was not working in create_surcharge_m (TICKET-14847)
  • Same parent plan instance number was mapping to the second MPI when creating an account with two MPI's using resp_master_plan_inst_no (TICKET-14870)
  • Unbilled usage was not invoiced in the prorated invoice created when replacing the supplemental plan with assignment_directive = 9 and invoice_unbilled_usage = true in replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-14891)
  • Updated error message handling in delete_surcharge_m (TICKET-14995)
  • Error was generated when assigning a master plan and supplemental plan using update_acct_plan_multi_m with future assignment (TICKET-14997)
  • Direct post was not setting primary_payment_method_no (TICKET-15050)
  • Settle_account_balance_bulk_m documentation updated (TICKET-15051)
  • Update_acct_plan_multi_m was not supporting updates to less tiers (TICKET-15067)
  • Issues with replace_acct_plan_m and triggering of events corrected (TICKET-15080)
  • Updated is_unlinked_refund description on issue_refund_to_acct_m (TICKET-15100)
  • Create_acct_complete_m with do_write = false was timing out after 120 secs (TICKET-15114)
  • Issue_refund_to_acct_m documentation updated (TICKET-15118)
  • NULL response was received when  assigning a supplemental plan to a zero balance MP via update_acct_plan_multi_m (TICKET-15348)

WSDL File Locations 

Stage Current

US https://secure.current.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.2/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR None

Stage Future

US https://secure.future.stage.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.2/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.future.stage.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.2/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl


US https://secure.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.2/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
EUR https://secure.prod.cph.ariasystems.net/api/Advanced/wsdl/11.2/complete_m-doc_literal_wrapped.wsdl
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