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TMF676 Payment Management

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Aria gained conformance certification from TM Forum for this API in November 2021. 

TMF676 Payment Management API provides:

  • A standardized mechanism for creating and retrieving payments in Aria Crescendo.
  • A Payment represents an amount paid by a customer for services rendered or products purchased. The payment is recorded against the customer's account and optionally applied against one or more specified invoices.

The full API specification for TMF676 can be found on the TM Forum site: TMF676 Payment Management API User Guide v4.0.0 | TM Forum


Operation Mandatory/Optional Comments

Response Status Code 200 if successful

    Response Status Code 404 if not found
POST M Status Code 201 if resource created

Payment Operations

  • Create Payment
    • This operation creates a payment within Aria Crescendo.
  • Retrieve Payment
    • This operation retrieves a list of payments from Aria Crescendo.
  • Retrieve Payment by filters
    • This operation retrieves a payment or payments based on a variety of filter conditions from Aria Crescendo.
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