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update_acct_plan_m Guide

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API Specification: update_acct_plan_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <acct_no> or <client_acct_id>
  • <plan_instance_no> or <client_plan_instance_id> 
Error Messages: update_acct_plan_m Error Messages

Additional Guidance:

Input Fields

Field Name: Notes:
  • If you set this field to 1 (in progress), then you can specify one or more of the following dunning options available in these fields:
    • <degrade_date>;
    • <new_dunning_step>;
    • <config_dunning_late_fee_option>; and/or
    • <config_dunning_email_option>.
  • When you change the <dunning_state> to 0 (none), you should also pass in your chosen  <plan_status> for the Master Plan Instance.

    Example: you may want to change the Master Plan Instance's status from -1 (suspended) to 1 (active).
  • If you set this field to (in progress) but the Master Plan Instance does not have a balance due, then Aria will move the Master Plan Instance out of dunning on the date on which the next dunning step begins.

    This applies to Master Plan Instances associated with either payment type: net terms or electronic.
  • In addition to self-pay Master Plan Instances, dunning input arguments can now also now be used for parent-pay Master Plan Instances. Also note that when self-pay Master Plan Instance manually enters dunning via this API, all of their parent-pay Master Plan Instances will enter dunning. This is only applicable when entering the dunning. During this special process of entering parent-pay Master Plan Instance, the “config_dunning_late_fee_option and config_dunning_email_option” will only be applicable for self-pay Master Plan Instances and NOT to the parent-pay Master Plan Instance.
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