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issue_refund_to_acct_m Guide

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API Specification: issue_refund_to_acct_m
Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <acct_no> or <client_acct_id>
  • <payment_transaction_id> 
  • <reason_code>
Error Messages: issue_refund_to_acct_m Error Messages

Additional Guidance:

Issues refunds of payment amounts and any invoice line items to be reversed for a specified account. The refund of a payment will increase the account/master plan instance balance to its pre-payment state (or near, if a partial refund). A refund related reversal would almost retain the balance "as is", as you are reversing the invoice line item charges, along with the refund. Reversing an invoice charge line item proportionately reverses the corresponding tax (tax to reverse = original tax - tax for reversed charge). In the case of tax-inclusive charges, the specified line item reversal amount will be considered as a tax-inclusive reversal amount. In the case of external tax engines, there will be a tax posting that will occur to update the new taxes to the external tax engine against the customer's account. As an aside, tax-posting to external tax engines occurs for all generated invoices, voided invoices, write-offs, refund-related reversals, proration reversal/credit (and credit-memo/rebills).

Note: If you use the NETS payment processor, "Enable Refund for NETS Payment" must be set to "True" in the UI before you use this API, or you receive the error message "The payment processor does not support refunds".

Input Fields:

Field Name: Notes:
<invoice_trans_to_reverse> If sending multiple line items, you must send the line items in ascending order using the invoice_line_no field in the invoice_trans_to_reverse array for the tax line items to be calculated correctly.
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