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returns the items for a given class

Note: The previously existing input and/or output fields <client_item_id>, <client_item_id_out> and/or <filter_client_item_id> were removed from this API call in Release 47.

Input Arguments

Req Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
client_no long 22 Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating the Aria client providing service to this account.
auth_key string 32 Aria-assigned unique key to be passed with each method call for authenticating the validity of the requestor.
filter_class_no long 22 An item class number to use to filter results.

Output Arguments

Field Name Field Type Description
class_items hash  
brd_arrow.gif item_no long The inventory item number returned from the API query.
brd_arrow.gif item_label string The label for the inventory item specified by item_no.
brd_arrow.gif service_no long Aria-assigned unique service identifier
brd_arrow.gif service_desc string The description of the service specified by service_no
brd_arrow.gif client_sku string Client SKU of the NSO/Inventory item.
brd_arrow.gif price double The price of the inventory item.
brd_arrow.gif item_plan long The plan number associated with the inventory item specified by item_no.
brd_arrow.gif item_months long The months to stack for this item
brd_arrow.gif currency_cd string The 3-character ISO-compliant currency code in lowercase for monetary values used in the context of this API method.
brd_arrow.gif class_no long Inventory item class number
brd_arrow.gif class_label string The inventory item class label describing the class specified by class_no.
brd_arrow.gif stock_level double The current stock-level of the item specified by item_no
brd_arrow.gif avg_ratings long An arbitrary value provided by the client to indicate user/buyer ratings for the specified item_no.
brd_arrow.gif num_ratings long The number of ratings that have been tendeder regarding this item_no.
brd_arrow.gif num_reviews long The number of user/buyer reviews for this item_no.
brd_arrow.gif image_url string The URL to the inventory item image for this item_no.
brd_arrow.gif image_text string Alternative text to display for the inventory item image if that image cannot be displayed or is not found.
brd_arrow.gif client_service_id string A multidimensional array of client-defined Service ID for this plan.
brd_arrow.gif client_item_plan_id string client-defined item plan ID the item appears on
error_code long Aria-assigned error identifier. 0 indicates no error.
error_msg string Description of any error that occurred. "OK" if there was no error.
nso_rate_schedule array This array contains the rate schedule information
brd_arrow.gifrate_schedule_name string Name for the rate schedule to be created. Translatable.
brd_arrow.gifclient_rate_schedule_id string Client-defined unique identifier.
brd_arrow.gifcurrency_cd string Currency for the schedules to be created.
brd_arrow.gifis_default boolean This flag denotes if this rate schedule is the default one for this plan. One and only one rate schedule can be marked as default. The value of 1 is defaulted for the first rate schedule for a given currency denoting it is the default. For subsequent rate schedules, the default is set to 0.
tier array This array contains tiered pricing information for the given rate schedule.
brd_arrow.gifrate_schedule_name string Name of rate schedule this tier belongs to.
brd_arrow.gifclient_rate_schedule_id string Client-defined unique identifier for the rate schedule.
brd_arrow.gifamount float Tiered pricing rule that specifies rate per unit.
brd_arrow.giffrom int Tiered pricing rule that specifies "from" units.
brd_arrow.gifto int Tiered pricing rule that specifies to units.
brd_arrow.gifdescription string This field is used to display custom rate tier description. This will override the rate tier's description at service level.
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