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Returns the list of email templates associated with a client.

Input Arguments

Req Field Name Field Type Max Length Description
required-icon.png client_no long 22 Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating the Aria client providing service to this account.
required-icon.png auth_key string 32 Aria-assigned unique key to be passed with each method call for authenticating the validity of the requestor.
  filter_template_class string   Filter by Aria class assigned to each email template

Output Arguments

Field Name Field Type Description
templates_by_client hash  
brd_arrow.gif template_no long Aria-assigned unique identifier indicating each email template created in Aria.
brd_arrow.gif template_name string User-assigned name for email template
brd_arrow.gif template_class string Aria class assigned to each email template  

Allowable values for template_class:

Values Description
R Contract Expiry/Renewal
I Invoice/Statement
D Dunning
A Account Activation
W Account Welcome
C Credit Card Expiry
T Account Termination
O Other
B Broadcast
P Password Reminder/Reset
S Service Plan Change
U UnKnown
N Account Comment/Note
Z ARC Resource Threshold Warning
IM Messenger Template
IS Invoice Subtemplate
S2 Supplemental Service Plan Change
C2 Electronic Collection Attempt
UMO MID Usage Threshold Over
UPO PTD Usage Threshold Over
UMU MTD Usage Threshold Under
UPU PTD Usage Threshold Under
brd_arrow.gif client_email_template_id string Client assigned unique ID for email template
brd_arrow.gif global_ind long Indicates that email template is global or custom to client  

Allowable values for global_ind:

Values Description
1 The email template is global
0 The email template is custom to client
brd_arrow.gif default_ind long Indicates that email template is default for the template class or not  

Allowable values for default_ind:

Values Description
1 The email template is default
0 The email template is not default
error_code long Aria-assigned error identifier. 0 indicates no error.
error_msg string Description of any error that occurred. "OK" if there was no error.
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