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bulk_record_usage_m Guide

Table of contents
API Specification:


Required Fields:
  • <client_no>
  • <auth_key>
  • <usage_recs> (array)
    • <acct_no> or <userid> or <client_acct_id> or <plan_instance_no> or <client_plan_instance_id>
    • <usage_units>
Error Messages:

bulk_record_usage_m Error Messages

Additional Guidance:

Input Fields
Field Names: Notes:
<usage_type> When <usage_type> is specified in a call to this API, the "usage_rating_timing" flag value at the usage-type-level will be checked and correctly refer to the value defined at the client parameter setting "Automatically Rate Un-rated Usage Records at Load Time". A usage-type-level setting will override the client parameter. 
  • <usage_field_name>
  • <usage_field_value>
  • <precalc_tax_inclusive>
  • <precalc_tax_amt>
  • <precalc_tax_rate>

These inputs are not honored unless you are using the following features:

  • Client-Defined Usage Fields:
    If you use this feature, <usage_field_name> and <usage_field_value> are both required.
  • 3rd-Party Pre-Calculated Tax at the Usage Record Level:
    If you use this feature and provide a value for <precalc_tax_inclusive>, then the fields <precalc_Tax_amt> and <precalc_tax_rate> are required.
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