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Release 11.2

Note: This is a draft version of the Aria Release Notes - Version 11.2, which is currently available in Stage Future.


Enhancements and fixes to Aria functionality for this release are described below.

Release Date

Stage Future Release Date


System Requirements

Supported Browsers

  • Firefox 39
  • Chrome 44
  • Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11 

Java Settings

Java 7.0​​

Screen Resolution

1024 x 768 or higher






Application Fixes

  • Default for payment method removal dropdown did not include all payment terms and payment methods, such as other/none (TICKET-13655)
  • Contracts were incompatible with plans with custom rates (TICKET-13991)
  • Collection group was not saved when account was created (TICKET-14184)
  • Payment level surcharge was not applied properly (TICKET-14272)
  • Billing manager process (batch job 23) was not writing a log entry when multi-threaded (TICKET-14300)
  • Locality field was not hidden for countries US, CA and AU in the account creation user interface screen (TICKET-14678)
  • Financial Transaction had a case issue for the XSD vs XML (TICKET-14687)
  • Invoices with a zero balance were generated after contract roll over for an account with a retroactive start date (TICKET-14691)
  • Error generated when sorting Reason Codes by Type (TICKET-14707)
  • Disabling "void payment" was not working correctly (TICKET-14778)
  • Invalid advanced period was updated in the prorated invoice in future plan changes (TICKET-14826)
  • Assign surcharges was making rate schedules available for assignments that did not match the account's currency (TICKET-14848)
  • Editing the 'External Description' of a surcharge removed the Tax Group, Revenue Account GL Code, and Account Receivable GL Code of that surcharge (TICKET-14867)
  • Specified Plan/Service Charges in Surcharge was generating an error when editing a surcharge (TICKET-14881)
  • Token Expiration was disappearing when refreshing (TICKET-14893)
  • Rollover contracts transitioning from one rate schedule to the other were not executing successfully (TICKET-14898)
  • Unable to add Supplemental Plan with Alternate Proration Start Date (TICKET-14960)
  • Invoicer batch was failing without continuing to process next accounts (TICKET-15331)

API Fixes

  • Action detail was updated as blank when user queues a rate schedule change on an anniversary date using the client_alt_rate_schedule_id field in update_acct_plan_m  (TICKET-12830)
  • Multiple issues corrected in create_discount_bundle_m (TICKET-14560)
  • Incorrect start date and end date were displayed in get_invoice_details_m response when an invoice was generated for a second month (TICKET-14657)
  • An error message was thrown when assigning a plan with a new billing group with existing primary payment and new backup payment method via update_acct_plan_multi_m (TICKET-14669)
  • Issues corrected in edit_surcharge_m (TICKET-14677)
  • Create_coupon_m and update_coupon_m were generating error message "Discount Information is required" (TICKET-14679)
  • Update_acct_plan_m and replace_acct_plan_m generated an unexpected error when both APIs were twice executed in the same session (TICKET-14690)
  • Client_service_id was not working in create_surcharge_m (TICKET-14847)
  • Same parent plan instance number was mapping to the second MPI when creating an account with two MPI's using resp_master_plan_inst_no (TICKET-14870)
  • Unbilled usage was not invoiced in the prorated invoice created when replacing the supplemental plan with assignment_directive = 9 and invoice_unbilled_usage = true in replace_acct_plan_m (TICKET-14891)
  • Updated error message handling in delete_surcharge_m (TICKET-14995)
  • Error was generated when assigning a master plan and supplemental plan using update_acct_plan_multi_m with future assignment (TICKET-14997)
  • Direct post was not setting primary_payment_method_no (TICKET-15050)
  • Settle_account_balance_bulk_m documentation updated (TICKET-15051)
  • Update_acct_plan_multi_m was not supporting updates to less tiers (TICKET-15067)
  • Issues with replace_acct_plan_m and triggering of events corrected (TICKET-15080)
  • Updated is_unlinked_refund description on issue_refund_to_acct_m (TICKET-15100)
  • Create_acct_complete_m with do_write = false was timing out after 120 secs (TICKET-15114)
  • Issue_refund_to_acct_m documentation updated (TICKET-15118)
  • NULL response was received when  assigning a supplemental plan to a zero balance MP via update_acct_plan_multi_m (TICKET-15348)

WSDL File Locations 

Stage Current

EUR None

Stage Future



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