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apply_coupon_to_acct_m Error Messages

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The following error messages can be generated by apply_coupon_to_acct_m.

1001: unexpected error

1004: authentication error

Associated Inputs: auth_key, client_id, client_no

1009: account does not exist, Account not found: AriaNo (acct_no), Account not found: Userid (userid), or
Account not found: ClientId (client_acct_id)

Associated Inputs: acct_no, account_no, client_acct_id, user_id, userid, parent_acct_no

14046: If you passed in an invalid plan_instance_no, this message will appear: "Invalid plan instance number". If you passed in an invalid master_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: plan_instance_no, master_plan_instance_id, filter_plan_instance_no, percent_eval_plan_instance_no, client_plan_instance_id,

Additional Comments: The plan_instance_no or master_plan_instance_id must belong to the account, or it is invalid. The percent_eval_plan_instance_no must belong to the account and also to the MPI given in input.

14047: If you passed in an invalid client_plan_instance_id, this message will appear: "Invalid client plan instance identifier". If you passed in an invalid client_master_plan_instance_id , this message will appear: "Invalid client_master_plan_instance_id".

Associated Inputs: client_plan_instance_id, client_master_plan_instance_id, client_percent_eval_plan_instance_id

15001: invalid coupon code

Associated Inputs: coupon_codes

15003: coupon already applied to account

Associated Inputs: coupon_cd, coupon_cd

15002: coupon expired

Associated Inputs: coupon_codes, coupon_cd

15011: The coupon code provided for this account or master plan does not match its specified Coupon Applicability Scope, which determines whether the coupon is available at the account level, the master plan instance level, or both.

Associated Inputs: coupon_cd

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