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Aria Implementation and Solution Design Framework

Aria Systems Academy Course Abstract
18 minutes / Elearning / Aria6 and Aria Crescendo

The objective of this course is to explain Aria’s Implementation Methodology. At the end of this course, you will understand the 5 phases of Aria’s Implementation Methodology; the 11 functional areas included in Aria’s Solution Design Framework; and the key roles and responsibilities of Aria staff members involved in an Aria project implementation.

Who Should Complete This Course?
  • Key stakeholders involved in an Aria implementation
  • Anyone who needs familiarity with Aria’s implementation methodology

Introduction to Aria Implementation Methodology

8 minutes
  • 5 phases of the Aria Implementation Methodology
  • Aria and client responsibilities for each phase
  • Document deliverables for each phase

Solution Design Framework

7 minutes
  • Which phase the Solution Design Framework is developed during
  • 11 functional areas in Aria

Aria Worldwide Services Teams

3 minutes
  • Which Aria teams are involved in post-sale activities
  • Key roles and responsibilities of Aria staff
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