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Account Registration Best Practices

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In the account registration (also referred to as "registration") process, a customer visits your account registration website and signs up for one or more master plans and any chosen supplemental plans using a payment type (electronic or net terms) accepted by your company. You can create accounts for your customers using the create_acct_complete_m API. This API allows you to assign multiple payment methods, billing groups, and dunning groups to an account.

The structure of the create_acct_complete_m API is described in this walkthrough


In order to implement the account registration use cases listed below, you must first complete these steps:

  1. Whitelist your IP addresses.
  2. Obtain your client number and authorization key.
  3. Allow statements to be sent to your customers: In the Aria application (under Configuration > Billing > Invoice Settings), set the Suppress Regular Statements parameter to Send.

    If the Suppress Regular Statements parameter is set to Suppress, the statements will not be sent.

Note: You can also specify, at the currency level, whether to send or suppress statements.

Important Notes  

Best Practices

Before implementing the account registration process, it is recommended that you identify these key pieces of information for your company:

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