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Assign a Surcharge to a Plan


This article provides the steps necessary to assign a surcharge to a Plan. Once a surcharge is assigned to a Plan, it is automatically assigned to an account when the account purchases that Plan.

Surcharges appear on invoices based on the following:

  • Once a surcharge is incurred on a Plan, the charge is added to the account invoice based on the surcharge definition.
  • If an account is assigned two Master Plan Instances within the same billing group, and each instance has the same surcharge on it, the surcharge appears twice on the invoice.
  • If an account is assigned two Master Plan Instances, each in a different billing group, and each instance has the same surcharge on it, the surcharge appears once on each invoice associated with each billing group.
  • If a surcharge is assigned directly to an account, and the surcharge is also assigned to a Master Plan Instance on the account, the surcharge appears twice on the account invoice.

Assigning a Surcharge to a Plan

Getting Here: Click Products > Plans

  1. Search for and select the desired Plan.
  2. Click the Billing & Invoicing tab.


  1. In the “Surcharges” field, locate the desired surcharge in the left box.


  1. Selecting the desired surcharge moves it to the right box, which attaches the surcharge to the Plan.


Note: Only Surcharges created with an Assignment Level of Master Plan Instance or Account/Master Plan Instance will appear in the Surcharges selection window.

  1. Click Save.

The "Cell Phone Minutes - Overage" surcharge is now attached to the Plan. 

Note: Surcharges can also be assigned to a Master Plan Instance via the create_account_complete_m or update_acct_plan_multi_m APIs.


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