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Edit a Surcharge


This article provides the steps necessary to edit a surcharge.

Editing a Surcharge

Getting Here: Click Products > Surcharges

  1. Upon accessing the Surcharges screen, a list of existing surcharges display.  Surcharges that are in use have a lock icon in the far right column of the display and cannot be deleted. Surcharges that are not in use, have an "X" icon in the far right column and can be deleted.


  1. Select the desired surcharge from the list.


  1. Modify the surcharge by editing the necessary fields and by making the appropriate selections from the drop-downs. The following fields and drop-downs may be edited for an existing surcharge on this screen:
  • Surcharge Name
  • Client Defined Identifier
  • Description
  • External Description
  • Application Scope
  • Rate Schedule 


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