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Payment Gateways

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A payment gateway is a banking entity that accepts and processes credit card transactions and other transactions using other electronic payment methods. You maintain merchant accounts with your chosen payment gateway(s). Aria never accepts or handles transactional monies, but initiates financial transactions between your payment gateway and your merchant account on your behalf.

Special Note: Payment Gateway configuration and integration are extremely sensitive settings with respect to security of payment card and other personally identifiable information. You should carefully control and routinely monitor your Payment Gateway(s). Given your role as controller of the data that flows through the gateway, you should limit access to this module to your qualified, authorized resources, and ensure compliance with PCI and other applicable data security and privacy laws, regulations and standards.

There are several supported payment gateways you can choose from and you need to select at least one. Your chosen payment gateway will provide you with the login credentials and additional information that you can enter in your payment gateway options.

Your payment gateway interacts with a payment processor. A payment processor is a third party payment system that communicates with credit card provider networks and ACH networks. You must have agreements with your chosen payment gateway(s), the applicable payment processor(s), and a merchant bank in order to complete financial transactions in Aria using payment gateways.

If you will be using more than one payment gateway, you can create collections account groups to specify that financial transactions conducted with specific groups of accounts should be completed with particular payment gateways. You must also indicate which payment methods that you will allow your customers to use.


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