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Dispute Holds


A Dispute Hold is a temporary write-off booked against an account with the same effect on an account's balance as a standard write-off. Dispute Holds are subsequently either removed from the account or booked as permanent write-offs, either by explicit CSR action or by system action if the expiration date on the Dispute Hold is reached prior to any explicit CSR-action being taken upon it.

Creating a Dispute Hold

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > select an account > Statements & Invoices > Invoices tab
  1. From the Invoices screen, select an invoice from the Invoice Number field to display the Invoice details screen.


  1. Click Write-Off/Dispute Invoice.


  1. On corresponding screen, click Create a Dispute Hold.
  2. Select an invoice to create a dispute hold against from the list of existing invoices.

dispute hold2.png

  1. On the corresponding screen, select the reason for the write-off from the Write-Off Reason drop-down.


  1. Enter any additional information detailing the write-off in the CSR Comments field.
  2. Click Create Dispute Hold.
  3. Confirm the accuracy of the write-off, then click Create Dispute Hold again to finalize the process.

A confirmation displays and the dispute hold is recorded in the list of disputes against the account.




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