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Service Outage Calculator

This article applies to:Aria Crescendo


This article describes how to use the Service Outage Calculator when determining a credit amount for service credits.  

Getting Here: Search for and select an account > Payments & Credits > Service Credits > New

Service Calculator Link 6.49.png

Calculate service credit based on outage dates

  1. Click the Service Outage Credit Calculator link. The calculator displays.

Calculator Screen 6.49.png

  1. Enter the dates for when the outage started and ended.  The outage duration is calculated based on the difference between the start date and end date. 
  2. Click Next. 
  3. Select the affected service plans from the list.  

Select Services 6.49.png

  1. Click Next
  2. The Total Outage Credit Amount is automatically calculated, and displays.  To add an additional credit, enter a percentage amount in the percentage field. 

Adjustment percent 6.49.png

  1. Click Apply. The credit amount is transferred to the Credit Amount field, and you can continue to create your service credit. 

Credit AMount 6.49.png

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