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Update a Plan Instance's Rate Schedule

This article applies to:Aria Crescendo


This article includes steps to provide your customers with special discounted rate schedules for their master and/or supplemental plan(s). Each set of discounted rates can be applied as custom rates for only a specific customer, or saved as a rate schedule available to be assigned to other customers. To update the rate schedule for all instances of the plan, refer to Update Plan's Rate Schedule

Update a Plan Instance's Rate Schedule

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > select an account > Plans

  1. Click a Plan Instance ID.

  1.  Click Edit Rates.

  1. Select a new rate schedule.


Select custom rates.

  1. If you select custom rates:
  1. Select a rate schedule template from the drop-down.  The options displayed include rates that are currently part of the plan.
  2. Update the From Unit, To Unit and Rates Per Unit fields.  
  1. To add a new rate tier to a service, click the Add Rate Tier button.
  1. To remove an existing rate tier, click the corresponding  icon.

  1. Select the Application Scope for the custom rate schedule.
  • Assign as custom rates to this plan instance only: Assigns these rates to this account only. The custom rate is not available for selection for any other plan.
  • Apply to this plan instance and save as re-usable rate schedule for this plan: Assigns these rates to this account and saves this rate schedule for future assignment to other accounts. 

  1. Click Save.  
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