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Change Plan Instance Units


This article explains how to change a Plan Instance's units from the Master Plan Instance Details screen.

Changing Plan Instance Units

Getting Here: Click Accounts > search for an account > Plans

  1. Select the desired Plan Instance from the Plan Instance ID field.


The Master Plan Instance Details screen displays.


  1. Click Change Plan Units.


A new screen displays, allowing you to update the number of units of the Plan Instance.


  1. Enter the desired amount of plan units in the New Number of Plan Units field.
  2. Choose when the new number of plan units should go into affect from the Assignment Options field. Options include:
  • Assign on Anniversary - The new number of plan units will go into effect on the plan's anniversary.
  • Assign Immediately - The new number of plan units will go into effect immediately.
  • Assign in Future - The new number of plan units will go into effect on a future specified date.
  1. If you chose to assign the new number of plan units on the plan's anniversary, you can define the Offset Intervals.
    Offset intervals extend the plan's anniversary period by the defined number of intervals. The offset interval number cannot be lesser than or equal to zero.
  2. Click Save.
    The plan instance units are updated.
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