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Add a Payment Method to an Existing Master Plan Instance


Each Master Plan Instance on an account can have a different payment method assigned to it. This article describes how to add a payment method to an existing Master Plan Instance on an account. If you are creating a new account, refer to Add a Payment Method to a Master Plan Instance During Account Creation

Assign a Payment Method to a Master Plan Instance

Getting Here: Search for and select an account > Account Overview > Payment Methods tab

  1. Click New. The payment method form displays. 

Payment method info 11.0.png

  1. Complete the following: 
  • Payment Method Name: A custom name for the payment method.
  • Payment Method Description: A description of the payment method. 
  • Client-Defined Payment Method ID: A unique, custom identifier for the payment method. This ID must be unique across all end-customer accounts for a given client. If you do not provide this ID, the default Aria-assigned unique ID for the payment method is used.
  • Payment Type: Select the payment method type to associate with the Master Plan Instance. Available options vary depending on the payment gateways used at your site.
  • Billing Contact: The individual who is responsible for making payments and receiving correspondence in relation to the Master Plan Instance.
  1. Click Save. The payment method is assigned to the Master Plan.   
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