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Add a Payment Term to a Master Plan Instance

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Each Master Plan Instance on an account can have a different payment term assigned to it. To add a payment term to a Master Plan Instance, use the following steps:

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Create New Account > Select a Master Plan


Click Accounts > Select an account > Plans > Select a Master Plan > Edit

Scroll to the Payment Options section of the screen. Refer to the below screenshot and corresponding descriptions to complete the fields in this section.


  1. Select Term. A list of available payment terms displays.

Note: For additional information on Payment Terms, see Add a Payment Term.

  1. Select a payment term. Note that if the payment term you select is designated to use European Article Numbers or Global Location Numbers (EAN/GLN), then the corresponding EAN or GLN fields display.
  2. If the EAN or GLN Number Method and EAN or GLN Requisition Number fields display, enter the appropriate values. If these fields are displayed, they are required.
  3. Click Save to add the payment term to the Master Plan Instance. Aria then collects payments using the payment term you added.
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