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Add a Payment Method to a Master Plan Instance During Account Creation

This article applies to:Aria Crescendo


Each Master Plan Instance on an account can have a different payment method assigned to it. This article describes how to add a Payment Method when creating an account. If you are working with an existing account, refer to Add a Payment Method to an Existing Master Plan Instance

Assign a Payment Method to a Master Plan Instance

After assigning a Master Plan Instance during account creation, the next section on the Create an Account screen is the Payment Options section. 

  1. Select a Payment Option, either Method or Term.
  • Method: A payment method is used for electronic payments, such as credit cards and ACH. After selecting Method, a drop-down for Payment Type displays with the payment methods configured for the account. To add a payment method, refer to Add a Payment Term

    After selecting a payment method from the dropdown, additional fields for payment method details display. For example, fields for credit card information display for the Credit Card payment type. 

In addition, you can assign the Billing Contact by clicking Assign Contact. The billing contact is responsible for making payments and receiving correspondence in relation to the Master Plan Instance. A separate pop-up displays to enter the contact information. Once saved, this contact is assigned as the billing contact and displays in the Account Contacts section.  

  • Term: A payment term is a non-electronic form of payment, typically a check. After selecting Term, the payment terms configured for the account display for selection. To add a payment term, refer to Add a Payment Term

  1. Continue creating the account
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