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View Contract Details

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Once a contract has been created, you can view the contract details from the Contracts tab.  

View Contract Details

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Search for and select an account > Plans 

  1. Click the Contracts tab. The contracts for the account display, with the following information: 

  • Client Contract ID
  • Contract No
  • Type
  • Plan Count
  • Created by/Date
  • End Action
  • Effective Date
  • Status:
    • In effect: The contract is in currently in effect. 
    • Terminated: This contract was removed for a reason other than a request from the account holder.  
    • Cancelled: This contract was removed per account holder request. 
    • Discarded: This contract was discarded because a new contract with the same plan was created and the Automatically discard open contracts on this account for the same service plan? parameter is checked.  

Note: Refer to Cancel a Contract for more information.  

  • Completion Date
  1. Click the Contract ID to view more details for the contract. Additional details display. 
  • Contracts with rollovers display the following:


Current Plan Name and Target Plan Name


Current Rate Schedule Name and Target Rate Schedule Name


Custom Rates, if applicable

  • All other contracts display the Current Plan Name, Current Rate Schedule Name and Client Defined Identifiers.

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