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Account Statuses

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The following tables outline the details and properties of each account status.

Account Statuses

Provided below is a list of account statuses, their descriptions, and how the status may occur (i.e. manually or systematically).

Status Status Description How Status Occurs Source
Active Account is in good standing.

When account is initially created via CSR, UI, or API.

When queued to be in active status.




Registered Pending Activation* Account has been registered via UI, but either account contact has not yet responded to an account activation email, or some other validation needs to occur. When an account is initially created via CSR, UI, or API, but requires a follow-up action. Manual
Permanent All plans under this account are never invoiced. When an account is initially created, via CRS or API. Manual
Deactivated Everything under the account status is disabled and all plan statuses are terminated.

When an admin user deactivates the account via UI or API.

After a pre-defined number of days, when all master plan instances are either suspended, cancelled, or terminated.




Archived** Account is not operational.

When a CSR or admin user archives the account via UI or API.

When an account is systematically archived from a Deactivated status.




Temporary Service Ban Account is temporarily banned. However, there is no effect on account billing. Account can be temporarily banned by a CSR or an API. Manual

*The Registered Pending Activation status is only at the account level and does not impact the activation of plans.

**Deactivated accounts automatically get placed into an Archived status after 180 days.

Note: Per PCI compliance, Aria moves Deactivated accounts to an Archived status after 180 days, by default. When an account goes into an Archived status, the payment method is removed.

Account Status Properties

Status Status Code Create/Modify Master Plan Instance Automated Recur Bill Supported? Order Creation Allowed? Automated Electronic Collection?
Active 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Registered Pending Activation 32 Yes*** No Yes Yes
Permanent 99 Yes No Yes Yes
Deactivated 0 No No No No
Archived -99 No No No No
Temporary Service Ban 51 No Yes No Yes

***All plans should be in a non-billable status.

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