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Account Overview Screen


The Account Overview screen acts as a dashboard for a customer's account.

Account Overview Screen Details

Getting Here: Click Account > search for and select an account

Upon searching for and selecting an account, select Account Overview from the left navigation to display the Account Overview screen.

Account Overview - Main Navigation Bar.jpg

Refer to the below screenshot and corresponding descriptions to get a better understanding of the Account Overview screen.

Revised Account Overview Screen.jpg

Gray Areas That Can Be Opened.jpg


Account Details: Displays overview information about the account holder, including the account holder's name, address, contact information, account creation date, account start date, tax information, legal entity assignment (if enabled for the client), and whether a balance is due on the account. The  View Account Hierarchy link (if enabled by the client) supports the visualization of detailed account hierarchy, and plan information via a screen overlay launched from within the Aria application. Clients control what level of users can view this information.


Balance Details: Displays a listing of Master Plan Instances subscribed to by account including each Master Plan Instance's  Name, Plan Instance ID, Full Balance, Dunning State, and Status. Selecting a link from the Master Plan Name column displays the Master Plan Instance Details screen.


Recent Invoices: Displays a list of recent invoices for the account. Selecting a link from the Inv. No. column displays the Invoices screen.


Recent Payments: Displays a list of recent payments that were made by the account. Selecting a link from the Payment No. column displays a list of invoices for the account.


Expand/Collapse Sections: Clicking any of the orange bars on the Account Overview screen collapses that section. Clicking any of the gray bars expands that section.


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