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Account Notification

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Within each Aria account, you can choose properties for account notifications, including statements.

Setting the Account Notification Type

Getting Here: Click Accounts > Select an account > Account Overview > Notification Method > Notification Method

Note: Not all notification methods may be visible for all clients. Check with your Aria Customer Support Representative if you need a notification method activated..

The properties for each notification, as indicated by the column headings at the top of the screen, are as follows:

  • Sends Email?: If checked, the account is notified by email.
  • Requires Printing?: This property is only a flag for the client. It does not affect account notification.
  • Generates PDF?: If checked, a PDF is generated containing the notification.
  • Surcharge/Discount: Not currently used.

Each account notification can have up to three potential properties. The properties are specified by the following settings, listed by priority:

  1. The notification template group.
  2. The email template specified by the account.
  3. The email template specified by the plan generating this notification.
  4. The format specified by the option selected on this screen.

The available outputs for account notifications are as follows:

  • Email
  • PDF
  • Master file

The master file is a compiled list of notifications available in XML and PDF format.

Additional fields on this screen are:

  • List Account First in Master File: If you select an output that specifies that the notification goes to a master file, then this field is visible. Selecting Yes places notifications for this account at the top of the master file.
  • Additional Statement Recipients: Allows you to add additional email addresses to receive statements for this account. Separate multiple addresses with a comma.
  • Add Recipients To: Allows you to specify if the additional recipients appear in the "cc" line of the email, or as a "bcc" (blind copy).


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