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Account Management


Managing accounts can be a challenging task due to the variations and complexities of each account. Aria aims to reduce this burden by providing more flexible options to handle these complexities. In Aria, accounts contain information about the customer, including contact name, address, notification method, invoicing options, and other data.

Aria provides the ability to:

  • Purchase multiple Plans under a single account.
  • Purchase the same Master Plan multiple times under a single account.
  • Purchase the same Supplemental Plan multiple times under a single Master Plan.

For instance, an account with a mobile phone carrier may contain multiple Master Plans, which may then contain a single or multiple Supplemental Plans as indicated in the diagram below:


Master Plans and Payment Methods

Master Plans are mapped to payment methods using billing groups, allowing the use of multiple payment methods on a given account. These payment methods are stored on the account, making them available for future use.

For instance, an account with a mobile phone carrier that contains multiple Master Plans can have multiple payment methods assigned to those Plans as indicated in the diagram below:


Master Plans, Billing Groups, and Invoices

Billing groups link Master Plans to payment methods and determine whether Master Plans are invoiced together or separately. Master Plans that share the same billing group can be invoiced together, provided that the billing dates for these Plans are aligned. Master Plans can also be moved across billing groups to support requests for separate or combined invoices. Refer to the diagram below for an example of the invoicing and payment flexibility provided by Aria:


Refer to the subtopics in this section to learn how to manage accounts, statements and invoices, payments, and other key account related functions.


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