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AMPS 2.12 Release


New and Improved functionality

This section covers the release notes related to new functionality and capabilities added to AMPS. For this release the following functionality have been made available:

Create Billing Group with a new payment method (WFAMPS-2591)

This enhancement sees the introduction of the ability to create a new billing group using "Manage Billing Group [AcctManageBillingGroup]" and add a credit card token at the same time. The credit card token will be linked to the billing group and cannot be shared with other billings groups, primarily due to the use of collection groups. 

The credit card token will be added only if payment option is provided as "METHODS", and the token is provided in the agreement id [ariaAgreementID]

Changes to OIOUBL Format and processing (WFAMPS-2701)

This enhancement is designed to alter OIOUBL formatting for FARPAY based on client requirements. The change sees the addition of a payment token to the first invoice only. The token is not added to subsequent invoices. 

Changes to Payment Processing (WFAMPS-2702)

This enhancement will allow AMPS to process payments and direct debit agreements received from FARPAY. FARPAY is responsible for handling all integration with the respective financial institutions. The integration uses ARIA account number and billing group number to manage the payments and agreements. The enhancement has two parts: 

  1. Picks up payment files from designated location and process them as per existing process.
  2. Pick up agreement files from designated locations and process these agreements after completing validation checks.

Complaint Notes are not included in the AMPS Complaint events (WFAMPS-2710)

When triggering AMPS events related to complaints, the complaint notes was not part of the XML payload. This enhancement sees the addition of complaint notes to all relevant AMPS complaint events. Refer to the "AMPS Event XML" schema for additional details. 

Application fixes

This version sees the following application fixes deployed:

AcctManageAccount (MODIFY) does not update supplemental fields (WFAMPS-2574)

This application fix resolves and issue where the MODIFY action in "Manage Account [AcctManageAccount]" did not update relevant supplemental fields on the account. This issue has now been resolved and fields are updated as required. If the values are not provided in the API call, then the relevant supplemental field is not updated. 

Duplicate Invoices in SENT by DocmAMPSDocDist (WFAMPS-2603)

This application fix resolves an issue where duplicate invoices was sent to the documentation partner. This issue has now been resolved and no duplicates will be sent. 

subsGetEligibleOfferings returns inactive plans from the Aria Product Catalogue (WFAMPS-2622)

This application fix resolves an issue where inactive plans was returned by "Get Eligible Offerings [SubsGetEligibleOfferings]". No change has been done to the application but using the "Refresh Product Cache" to reload the cache has solved the issue. 

Validation and look up process incorrect for AUTOGIRO agreement files  (WFAMPS-2628)

This application fix resolves an issue where AUTOGIRO agreements could not be located correctly. The issue occurred when processing direct debit agreements from Bankgirot (Sweden) as the references provided in the file could not find the details in AMPS. The issue has been resolved so that references found on existing invoices are used to locate the correct account and billing group. This applies only to cancellation of agreements. 

AMPS payment gateway collects invoice amount and not invoice due amount (WFAMPS-2644)

This application fix resolves an issue where the AMPS payment gateway integration collected the full invoice amount, without considering previous balance, cash credits or other transactions. The issue is now resolved, and AMPS requests the correct due amount from the AMPS payment gateways like SPID, MOBILEPAY, etc. 

Mismatch payment between ARIA Core and AMPS (WFAMPS-2652)

This application fix resolves an issue where a mismatch was created between payments found in ARIA core and AMPS. The issue occurred when the write-off of the underpayment failed for some reason. In this case the payment was not correctly created in AMPS, though fully posted against ARIA. The issue has been fixed ensuring that payments are created in AMPS correctly even though the write-off fails. An indication of the failure is still returned to the caller of the payment registration. 

Wrong period returned when retrieving invoices (WFAMPS-2658)

This application fix resolves an issue where "Retrieve Document [DocmRetrieveDocument]" returned incorrect invoice start and end dates. This issue has now been resolved and the API returns the appropriate invoice start and end dates. 

Error shown when cancelling subscription on account (WFAMPS-2659)

This application fix resolves an issue were cancelling a subscription using "Manage Subscription [SubsManageSubscription]" returned an error when creation the associated credit note. The issue was caused by rounding of the amounts to credit, cause the maximum credit to be exceeded. The issue has been resolved by rounding the amounts down as required. 

Incorrect charge type and tax group ID on Campaign Invoice transaction line (WFAMPS-2706)

This application fix resolves an issue where transaction charge lines in the "AMPS Financial Document" XML had incorrect charge types and tax groups assigned for campaign charges. The issue has been resolved by setting the correct charge type and tax group for the campaign transactions. 

Add "DUNNINGNOTICE" document type to AMPS Financial Document distribution (WFAMPS-2709)

This application fix resolves an issue where dunning notices was not distributed to external document partners. The issue has now been resolved and dunning notices are sent per the configuration of AMPS. The change is relying on AMPS parameter “Send Dunning Notices to partner [DocmSendDunningPartner]” to decide if document should be SENT or NOT SENT. The parameter can have one of two values: 

  • GENERATE-ONLY”- the dunning notices are generated by AMPS and stored as XML documents in AMPS. The documents are NOT set to partners. This is the default setting.
  • GENERATE-SEND”- the dunning notices are generated by AMPS, stored as XML documents in AMPS and sent to the external document partners for processing.

AMPS Financial document schema - Errors with DUNNING-NOTICE (WFAMPS-2711)

This application fix resolves an issue where certain fields were required by the XML schema, but were not included in the document, causing validation of the document to fail. The issue has been fixed by making certain fields optional. 

FinancialDocument XML documents does not validate according to the schema (WFAMPS-2737)

This application fix resolves an issue where the generated "AMPS Financial Document" XML did not validate against the XML schema. The change sees the full name being built automatically if not present in ARIA. When processing surcharges, the settings were incorrect, and this has also been resolved. 

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