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Introduction to Advanced Usage Concepts

Aria Systems  Academy Course Abstract
22 minutes/ Elearning / Aria Crescendo

Aria enables many advanced options to support usage monitoring and pricing. By the end of this course, you will understand how to monitor acustomer’s rated,unbilled usage balances and usage unit consumption. You will also learn how to provide discounts to customers by accumulating or pooling usage for a service, or across multiple services.

Who Should Take This Course
  • Product managers who create a product catalog in Aria

Introduction to Usage Monitoring

11 minutes
  • What types of usage monitoring are available in Aria?
  • Managing customers’ unbilled usage balances vs. customers’ usage “unit” consumption
  • Setting dollar or unit thresholds to monitor customers’ usage
  • Configuring usage threshold notifications for you and your customers
  • Functional and system requirements for monitoring usage

Introduction to Usage Accumulation & Usage Pooling

11 minutes
  • What is Usage Accumulation and Usage Pooling?
  • How do Usage Accumulation and Usage Pooling differ?
  • How is usage rated and billed by accumulating or pooling usage?
  • Functional and system requirements for using these advanced features

Log in: http://ariasystems.litmos.com

Course Link: https://ariasystems.litmos.com/?C=388074

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