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Aria Crescendo: Introduction to Dunning Groups

Aria Systems Academy Course  Abstract
19 minutes/ Elearning / AriaCrescendo

The objective of this course is to present an entry-level overview of Dunning in Aria Crescendo. At the end of this course, you will understand what Dunning is; how a Master Plan Instance (MPI) moves through a Dunning process; and how you can leverage Dunning Groups to suspend services on an Account,while retaining the normal billing cycles of unaffected MPIs.

Who Should Complete This Course?
  • Finance managers charged with engineering a process to handle delinquent accounts

Brief Overviewof Dunning

5 minutes
  • Definition of Dunning
  • Dunning plans and the Aria objects they are associated with
  • Process of MPI moving through Dunning

Single Account Dunning

5 minutes
  • How an MPI in Dunning appears in the Aria Crescendo UI
  • How CSRs can manipulate Dunning statuses

Coordinated Dunning With Dunning Groups

9 minutes
  • How Dunning Groups facilitate coordinated Dunning among MPIs

Log in: http://ariasystems.litmos.com

Course link: https://ariasystems.litmos.com/?C=207496

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