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Set Thresholds on an Account via an API


You can set thresholds on an account via the set_client_usg_mtd_threshold API by following the steps below.

Setting Thresholds on an Account Via API

  1. Call the set_client_usg_mtd_threshold API.
  2. Provide values for the following:
  • client_no
  • auth_key
  • acct_no
  • usage_type no
  • unit_threshold_level1
  • unit_threshold_level2
  • unit_threshold_level3
  • unit_threshold_level4
  1. To confirm this API setting, search for the account in the UI.
  2. Navigate to Usage > Unit-based Usage Monitoring tab.

Note: If you cannot see the Unit-based Usage Monitoring tab, please see the prerequisite within Setting Up Usage Unit Thresholds.

A checkbox should display next to the usage type provided via the API call and all 1st Level, 2nd Level, 3rd Level, and 4th Level values that were submitted via the API should appear.

When usage for the usage type provided via the API crosses over the Client Notice MTD Thresholds provided via the API, the following event fires: 

  • Account's unbilled unit usage value is now OVER OR EQUAL TO the client-defined MTD threshold value.
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