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Complete Termed Agreements


You can add contracts to opportunities or quotes through the Termed Agreements form.

Contracts applied through the Termed Agreements section of the Add/Modify Plans screen apply to the plans selected.

Contracts can apply to a single plan, multiple plans, or an entire account. Through this feature, you can create:

  • multiple quotes, each with a different contract(s); or
  • a one-year quote and two-year quote with pricing specific to each.

Completing Termed Agreements

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote >click Add/Modify Plans > Termed Agreements

Note: If the Termed Agreements form is not displaying, click All Tabs (+) > Aria General Configuration > Screen Config and confirm that Termed Agreements is checked or that your profile is specified.

  1. Click Get StartedTermed Agreement Get Started 3.18.png
  2. Enter a Client Contract ID.

Termed Agreements 6.50.png

  1. Select one of the following options from the Contract Completion Type field:
  • Select Date Range: To specify a contract end date.
  • Select Duration: To specify a contract length.
  1. Either enter a Start Date or check Same as Opportunity Close Date to align with the opportunity close date. 
  2. Specify a contract End Date or Length, depending on which option you selected from the Contract Completion Type field above.
  3. Select one of the following options from the End Action field to indicate what happens at the contract end date or when the contract length expires:
  • Terminate service and billing
  • Terminate service and billing and prorate final invoice
  • Continue existing service without contract
  • Renew existing contract automatically
  • Rollover to a Plan and/or a Rate Schedule
  1. Assign plan(s) to the termed agreement by clicking the assign plans link and selecting the plans you want added.
  1. Click Save to save the termed agreement. 
  2. Click Save again to exit the termed agreements module. The following details display for a termed agreement: 
  • Contract ID
  • Start Date
  • Duration
  • End Action
  • Plans

Termed Agreement 3.18.png

  1. Review the opportunity or quote by expanding and collapsing all previously completed forms.
  2. Click Commit to submit the opportunity or quote or click Save as Draft to submit at a later time.

If the customer agrees to purchase the set of plans in the quote at a later date, you can sync the quote with the opportunity. After the quote is synced to the opportunity, the corresponding Salesforce product is added to the quote or opportunity with the final calculated price.

To add another termed agreement

  1. Click Edit
  2. Click +Add.

Add Another Termed Agreement 3.18.png

  1. Configure your termed agreement.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Save again to close the termed agreement module. The additional termed agreements (1) and (2) display. 

Termed Agreement Multiple 3.18.png

  1. Click Save and Exit to exit the opportunity without committing, or click Commit to save the opportunity to Aria.  

View the Termed Agreements from the Account level

Getting here: Open an Account with Termed Agreements > Scroll to the Account Plans section > Termed Agreements tab

Termed Accounts on Account Plans 3.18.png

For plans associated with a termed agreement, an icon displays next to the plan name.

PLans with TA icon Account Plans 3.18.png

Editing Termed Agreements

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote

  1. Click the Edit link next to the applicable contract number under the Aria Contracts section.

aria contracts1v2.png

Note: You can also delete the contract by clicking the Del link to the left of the contract number. A confirmation message displays.

The Edit Contracts screen displays.

  1. Make all applicable changes.
  2. Click Update Contract.
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