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Add Payment Method


You can add an Aria payment method to charge account balances from the Payment Method form by following the steps below.

Adding a Payment Method

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote > click Add/Modify Plans > Payment Method

  1. Select one of the following payment method from the Aria Pay method drop-down:
  • Credit Card
  • Electronic Check (ACH)
  • Net Terms
  • Tokenized Credit Card
  • Other/None

Payment Method1v2.png

Required input fields display, depending on the chosen payment method.

  1. Complete all required fields of the payment form, if applicable.

payment method2v2.png

Editing a Payment Method

Getting Here: Select an opportunity or quote

  1. Click Edit next to the applicable Aria payment method name.

aria payment method1v2.png

Note: The payment method can also be deleted by clicking the Del link to the left of the Aria payment method name. Upon clicking Del, a confirmation message displays before the action can be completed.

The Edit Aria Payment Method screen displays.

aria payment method2v2.png

  1. Make all applicable changes.
  2. Click Save.

Note: Click Save & New to save changes and create a new payment method. A new payment method form displays.

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